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xochitljaugar ran across the street. to where ramiro was. on instinct she wanted to understand the glow

he was emitting. she saw his tears falling. she knew that long beach ocean waters were over taking the

barrio. and she was looking for somewhere to go. she still had tears streaming on her face from maria

telling her about her mother. ‘it was the last thing i heard her say. mija te amo. daughter i love you.”

the whimpering tears of her mother who was coming home from work on the goldline. she was so

close to getting home. when all the waters took over the goldline. her chest grew tight remembering

this that had just happened. now maria was motherless just like xochitljaguar. xochitljaguar’s mother

had been deported years ago, taken back to juarez where she was gunned down by the men they

had tried to runaway from years before. now here she was. shooting at mickey’s deez fry loving zombies

without really feeling out of place. without feeling like she needed to find shelter immediately. there

was a calm about her. xochitljaguar felt the calmest she had ever felt in her life. the fact that she

was undocumented for once didn’t matter admist all this chaos. she patiently walked across the street

even as there were cars speeding passed her. screaming. honking. some lowrider was running over

a zombie. while a young man in a white collar shirt. blood stained. was hollering about the end times.

” all of you. repent. the time has arrived. this is the second coming. know that thy lord is here. waiting

for you response. let it go. nothing matters.” tears streamed along his blood smeared face. “the rise

of the sinners! has come to an end. the apocalypse is now!Bestow the lord now. the time is now!”

she could hear this man. faintly. in her corazon. somehow this truth registered inside her. and she

could hear herself responding inside.”but there is nothing new about this. we have always had these

things in front of us. this is our humanity in front of us.” she was no longer a 15 year old illegal.

she was hearing the elders that had given her that name so many years before. she was hearing

herself. her soul. who she was. amongst the burning king taco truck. she was no longer afraid of

the police car that was driving slowly passed her wailing its siren. office ramirez in all this madness

was trying to direct traffic still. it was all that he could imagine himself doing. he talked with his head

out using the loudspeaker of his lowrider police car….

“okay everyone, calm down. this isn’t a state of emergency. its just another day in the barrio.” as he blurted

this out of his ranfla. he unknowningly had runover a mickey deez zombie. It was his tio memo. who

had been dealing with diabetes for years, but in all the insulin that he was taking. he didn’t stop eating

at mckrappers. what he had done instead was instead of eating supersized combo number 4. he would

go in and get a mcsappy meal. when officer ramirez ran over his uncle. he could see that instead of blood

something like a mix between the big crap special sauce and the apple pie filling was spilling from his uncle’s

chest. “i’m sorry tio memo! i’m so sorry” officer ramirez tried to stop the hemmoraging. even though he

vomitted in the process. and in the vomitting he noticed that his vomit looked so much like his tio’s spilling

guts. which made him through up more. all the while placing more pressure with his hands. as he called

for a 911 vehicle. over the loudspeaker. he wailed.. “todos por favor! con calma! tenemos que estar calmados!

we need to be calm my gente! its just another day in the barrio!”



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