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Taru was standing at the side of the road. Watching the people flee. And all he could think of doing was continue writing in his solar powered laptop. As long as there is still sun. he thought. There are still words. He wrote and didn’t seem to be bother by the screams of children and elders. Passing him by. All the ways in which the city was transforming. Whether it was transgressing or transcending. This time of no time would give answers. In another moment. Right now this moment. Held for him all the words that he never seem to bother with before. He could find ways to describe this fleeing mural landscape in front of him. His neighbor keeled over on the earth begging for his life.  The abuela dancing along the side walk. With a broom in her hand as she decided to sweep everything in front of her with a smile in her face. As she went out towards lorena y cesar chavez. She decided she was going to work her way all the way towards sunset blvd and chavez. All the while smiling. Sweeping with her broom . She had wrapped a piece of sage on the top, near where her left hand rested. And began to sweep the whole neighborhood. Inch by inche. Prayer by prayer. Heading in the opposite direction of where most people were heading. She was cleaning towards downtown. While she crossed the street. She didin’t speed up her pace just took her time crawling at a snail pace to sweep the streets.

Taru noticed that there was a young baby who had been zombiefried. The baby boy crawling on his own head to the mckdonalz on soto st. just crawling down cesar chavez like there was nothing oout of the ordinary. His mother. Was blocks away. Ahead of him having forgotten in the process of heading to the crappy joint. She realized she had to put him down in order to be able to get their faster. Mcrapper zombies where not really fast or slow. The just were. Until you got close enough you couldn’t really see what was going on with them. If there was anything out of the ordinary. For months before this happened people had been in some kind of a frienzy over mckrappy meals french fries and apple crusty pies. Everywhere you went you could see people in long lines over that stuff. So much so that these mckrappy french fry trucks where appearing all over the neightborhood. Some where all decked out all lowridered out. Its as if mckrappers had taken their marketing targetting latinos campaign to the next level. They even had the aztec calendar printed out on their packaging. Calling it the mac azteca meal. They offered a complemenatary pack of blue corn tortillas with ever purchase of frechy fries.

The government were the ones pullling up to take them away. When they finally started doing sweeps. Well it look liked government trucks from a distance. They would step into the mckrapper restaurants they would watch as one would or two people would be heating up the oil batches on the mackrappy grill. While the masses somewhat patiently waited for the fries to be done. Others were in the back. Just eating the uncooked fries. Others crawling on the floor looking for bits of mckrappy fries left behind .

 letter found floating along the concrete river


I came to this country many years ago. I was 3 years old when my parents brought me to this america. The one you call the north. The one that at times you want to imagine is the only north america. But this america stretches out towards Canada and goes all the way down towards the tips of chile. Ecuador Bolivia.  But I am not this america  but that america. That I speak of the grander one. And I’ve grown tired of this country. All its assumptions about who I am. I’m tired of living in fear of what I have been handed here. I cannot stand the way I live in fear. Watching all of you be happy. And all of you with your backwards thinking. I am not a wetback. I am not illegal. I am on my land. But everywhere I go I am made to feel this. To feel that I don’t belong here. That this is not my country. That I am not american. And all the while I’ve been watching all these people turn into the zombies that we all are. By the time you read this. I’ll be gone. Away from all this pain inflicted by this country. By the way you destroy the heart of people. Of cultures. i don’t care waht you make of me anymore. i’m tired. of all of this. so you don’t need to take me. back to where i came from. i don’t need to hide anymore. i don’t need to worry about whether or not i will see my father again. i don’t care anymore what happens with the dream act. i don’t care what happens with defferred action. i don’t care if you even read this. i don’t care for this humiliation anymore. i don’t care about this country or that country or any borders anymore. this country needs to change. these countries need to change. this world needs to change.


julieta ramirez 


I am sending these voices out to all of you listen today. I know this may seem like some ordinary day in the barrio. But I’m watching this whole snenangins. Play out here on cesar chavez. As you know I am recording right now from cesar chavez  2604 apartment seven. Staring out into the randomness happening outside. I am the people’s reporter. And the crazyiness I’m witness is quite spectacular. You know it seems like in this day and age. With all the fear and propaganda that gets put out there. You think that by now we would learn to calm down. It looks out there. Like if there was a clearance sale at the 99. Or at kmart. I don’t know what the hell is going on out there. But people are running around like lunatics. Ofcourse.. lucky for you. I had a bullet proof window years ago. So this radio station could keep on going dispite mini riots like this. But ofcourse I have my bullet proof vest and handy bullet proof soldier helmet I bought on ebay. So I can keep you informed about barrio knews and go where no radio man has gone before. But it looks like this could be the one of the best riots out here. Since god knows when. Maybe even better thatn the watts riots. I’m going to be live streaming for those of you able to watch these sorts of things on the internet. But as alsways I am hear for the gente. For all of you without access to internet and still listening to the radio. Maybe that’s just five or five hundred or five thousand or five hundred thousand of you. No se. but I’m here to serve. Those of you still crazy enough to stay. But I highly recommend that you don’t . obvio I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. And I’m watching five choppers coming from the downtown police surveillance. You know them old war machiens that they used to use in desert storm and all them other conquistador invasion this america is so good at. Well I’m watching them right now come over her.e now you might be wondering while the hell I ain’t fleeing the scene. Just asking you to recall. I am the voice and eyes of the people. By the people for the people. And well.. pues I got to go down with this east l.a. space ship if this is the end. But I have a feeling que no. pues. Why. Because my ancestors never spoke of this time. 2012. As an apocalypse. No quite the contrary folks. They saw it as an awakening. So maybe right now as I’m watching chato blast at officer Ramirez. And it looks as if they are forming some sort of truce in order to create some order down there. Pero pues. I don’t know. Whats gonna happen. But it’s a new day in east l.a. when cops and cholos are working together folks. Hopefully they wont aspire to form a bigger ganga because we all know how that goes. With power and things. There is a growing sphere of blue and red light that I can’t really see what it is. But there are people flocking to it. can’t imagine that its radiation. But it is growing. And I can’t imagine that its bad because the folks that do see it are going towards it.


Now you might wonder why the hell. I’m going to get on this microphone and get all philosophical in this time of immediate crisis. Why I am not telling you to run the hell out of here. Or call 911. Because I imagine that if you are still in the barrio. You like me. Don’t make much of this as just another day in the barrio. Just a little bit on steroids I would say. And you like me. Are just sitting at home. Imagining that as long as I stay low to the ground. Don’t bother nobody . then  I’m going to be safe. Well. Pues. I commend you for you role in this community rigght now of providing calm. Because I can hear officer Ramirez out there right now. And I don’t imagine that he’s being to success in calming the people dwon with his loudspeaker. Or with this  gun firing. Bueno. So. Ofcourse chato on the rough top of that payless shoe source isn’t much help either. But atleast he’s having fun. Amongst all this paranoia. And I can alteast say that there is no burning buildings. Yet. … oh never mind. The panaderia just has a small fire coming from the front. I mean really folks. El pavo panaderia. Is that what we want to torch. They provide some of the best conchitas in town. Now I’m not denying that the “ldjladjgla;” over on fourth street isn’t amazingly delicious especially if you roll down there around 7 or 8 in the morning. Pero. You cannot deny me that el pavo has got some good pan either. So why people. Really why are we burning that down people. Now you guys want to burn something down. There are plenty of establishments in town that are doing a worse job to our livers and our lungs. I won’t go beyond  that because there is the patriot act out there screening my words somewhere. Don’t need nobody barging in here for reporting the news.. pero bueno. Things are good despite this . madness I would say. I mean the sun isn’t burning us over. Well atleast not completely. We are here. Waiting for the rebirth of quetzalcoatl. This new day. This new beginning. This rebirth is us gente. I’m hoping that this will do it. you know this chaos outside our doors right now. Don’t know how it started when it started. But I’m hoping this will lead to our awaekin. Gente. Where we for once can begin to work together. School teachers. School grounds. Police . policing. Policying. Barrio warriors come to terms with how they can really work as a really gang helping our juventud. Now I ain’t pointing fingers. I ain’t looking to blame nobody really. This world has enough of that and mind you that I do have a sense of our histories. Our stories. Our herstories. You guys have heard enough from the different abuelas y abuelos that I interview along with youth leaders that are making things happen in the neighborhood. Because I’m hear to inform. I’m hear to try and help this communidad move forward. So come on my gente. Lets keep it real. There is enough oppression out there. Lets not oppress ourselves . and policia . come on .. protect our gente. Keep us informed as we try to keep you informed. Thank you for those that have participated in the clean and green airways clean up in east los. Thank you to our sponsors las abuelas eloteras del barrio and the abuelos paleteros del barrio. They are out there not only selling elotes y paletas para la gente but also keeping you informed on the latest in la migra policies and actions. So please help keep them in business. And yours truly rameo el llanto del barrio jiminez on the airwaves.


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