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xotchitljaguar ran across the treat. staring at ramiro. ramiro so caught up in the worlds he was being shown. didn’t pay

much attention to the fact that she was entering his sphere of light. the moment xotchitljaguar stepped into the space.

with her eyes closed. firmly grasping her beebee gun. she felt a tinge of heat wrap around her body. she felt her eyes

break open. as she suddenly stared directly into ramiro’s eyes. and he opened his star filled pupils to glance at hers.

suddenly they were connected inside this oneness. while her instant regretful fear tried to encompass her. she felt

a sudden ancient familiarity with ramiro. and inside her silent gaze. she called to him with her thoughts. told ramiro.

“cuando naci me llamaba. maria jaurez. mis padres son de chihuahua . soy hija de maria de la cruz. y juan fernandez

juarez. but the elders told me my real name is xotchiljaguar. flower jaguar.”

ramiro. seven years old in body. acknowledge her with his ancient eyes. and said to her. without speaking “yo me llamo

el que camina los ultimos pasos. I am called the one that walks the last steps..”

with this xotchitl jaguar felt her head tilt back. as she began to travel inside her mindseyes. she could see all the times

before she was called flower jaguar. from the moment inside . she returned to an era thousands and thousands of years

before. when her parents. all in white. with mexica emblems on their clothes. had first recieved knowledge from the fire

that her name was xotchitl jaguar. there were no elders insight. there was no one directing this fire. it was simply the fire

of their tiny home. that they had lit on her 13th birthday to ask the fire. what her name was. they had made simple offering.

some copals. some yerbas from their gardens. flowers to the fire that they had planted the day she was born. flowers, colors

and plants they had watched grow. die. be reborn. for 13 years. flowers, colors and plants they had offered up to the fire

when she was 4 years old. when they had name her xo. flowers, colors and plants they had offered. to the fire. when she was

7 and they had named her xotchitl. flowers, colors , scents and chocolatl that the fire renamed her at 9 years old, xotchitl coatl.

flower serpant. and now the fire renamed her again. at 13. flower jaguar. she watched these moments. in images. sounds. scents

recalling in an instant. these truths of her name.

all the while in the back of her ears. she could faintly hear officer ramirez. shooting off his gun and arguing with some crazy vatos

atop the payless shoe sources rooftop..


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