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chapter 1 continued

officer ramirez began to cry and wimper. calling out to his uncle memo. Memo i’m gonna take care of you.

don’t worry. Memo amongst all the mckrap ooze.. special sauce lettuce cheese spilling from his organs.

and his mouth. managed to smile with gleemless eyes back at his nephew. as if to say.. “its all good mijo.

you just drag my bleeding body over to the mcdonal’s and get me some supersized fries. y todo va estar

bien. its all gonna be good mijo..” officer ramirez took his ooze soaked hands off of his uncle’s french fried

zombiefied body . stared at it. and threw up again.. he reached out for his pistol and making sure he was

aiming towards some random part of the barrio sky he thought would not get hit by stray bullets. he fired.

all the while holding onto the bullhorn.. “come on mi gente!! RAZA QUE TE PASA.. its just another day in

the barrio! QUE NO?” his shots. and his siren blowing. and his voice. went unheard. because amongst all

the madness. the shots. the siren blowing. his police calls. were just another bit of random barrio noise that


he managed. to notice that across the way. was a young child. crying in extremely calm sort  of way. the likes

he had never seen. it was like watching an old man. staring off into the last parts of their life. in the chaos.

this calm youngster. surrounded by a growing sphere of light. blue and red. a top the roof top of the of the payless

shoe source. some crazy vatos began to blast at officer ramirez. officer ramirez. crouched to the side of his

lowrider cop car. and grabbed his pistol in one hand. and the microphone in the other. “okay okay.. mi gente

this is not a typical barrio day.. so just keep in mind.. right now. vatos!! we’re on the same side. i aint blasting

at you. please dont blast at me” with that.. the sound of a shot gun cracking his windshield. while these vatos

from the rooftop. cracked up and laughed so hard officer ramirez could here them.

“hahahaha!! orale vato! we’re gonna remember you said that. and when this is over you better take off that

parking ticket you gave me when i was at the benjamin franklin library ay!! because for one!! they were charging

me for a copy of “Always Running” that i never took out!!” Clicking his shot gun and with precision firing off

another shot in the exact same place on the windshield he had just shot at! Laughing even harder as he gave

a fist-pounding dabs to his homies.. “I have a signed copy of the pinche book by Luis Rodriguez why would i

go and check it out from the pinche library!! You gave me ticket-ton Ramirez!! And you better remove my pinche

warrants!! man! “Clicking his shot gun a third time he shot out the street sign so that it would fall directly in front

of officer ramirez.. cracking up even louder as his homies. yelled.!!

” Damn dawg all them years of playing resident evil paying off dawg!! you the shit”

“so Ramirez.. I know we gotz a deal because.. right now.. i aint’ asking for no metal of honor . even though this

is definitely worth that. And i ain’t gonna take any other plea bargain!!” fist pounding his homies. with another

click of his shot gun.

“okay we have a deal.. now let me do my job!!” officer ramirez. watched his oozed filled uncle memo. continue

draggin himself towards the mcdonalds. before a speeding ice cream truck ran over the oozing body of his tio.

he tried to reach for his siren. pero.. it was too late. the body lay covered in what looked like a run over mc krappy

meal.. all the remains of his uncle memo. turned into massed left overs.


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