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in the wake of the french fry zombies roaming east l.a.. ana maria had decided to go to dona juana

to have some french toast. wandering the neighborhood that day.. things seemed a little odd. the news

had not reported yet about the goldline going under water because of some type of pippes and earthquake saaftey

requirements that the city new about since even before they began building the goldline. after many months

of arguing with city officials the probelm went ignored. and even after the protest of so many individuals

about fixing the issues especially after new orleans and katrina. no body paid any attention.

ana maria walked causally down to get her french toast. smiling to maria who was already out at 7 in the morning

with a gentle soothing yell. “donas! donas! tamales! tamales!” it was loud enough to be heard over any on coming

traffic and dogs. but not so loud that it woudl disrupt the gentle sleep of the barrio. because the crazy hours

kept in the neighborhood. you never knew. it could be that someone was barely falling asleep after a long night

working, cleaning hotels. or doing garbage dump truck runs. quien sabe. ana maria.. waved to don ramiro who

even though he had worked all night at his two jobs.. working at the motel and working at the hilton downtown.

he still managed to before crawling into bed. greet maria. whom he had an  insatiable crush. and this morning

he felt compelled to tell her. but instead. he just purchased all of maria’s donas y tamales. don ramiro hoped

all his hard earned money and the gesture would speak louder than any of his feeble fumbled attempts he had

made over the last two years.

anamaria was baring witness to the whole thing. and she wore a candid smile as she approached the whole event.

pretending that she too wanted some tamales. but in reality all she wanted was the chisme. “I’ll take all of them”

Don Ramiro exclaimed in a proud mexicano voice as if he were sitting on the best caballo in all of jalisco and

was placing a coat on a muddy road for a mujer to walk the street.

“Pero Don Ramiro. What the hell are you going to do with so many tamales”

Don Ramiro looked startled by the response. Surely she knew his calvary. his shivalry. his mexican bravado.

“i said i’ll take all of them”.. Ana maria looking on. As she saw the reddening cheeks of Maria as she knew

exactly what was happening but fought stubborningly against the gesture and her opportunity to earn her

money. You see Maria had sent two young chicanos off to college on the pure will of selling tamales and donas

to a good chunk of east l.a. and she sure was hell was not gonna let no Mexican Super Chente Wannabe take

away the dignity in her work. Regardeless if she adored him and how much she looked forward to turning the

corner on chavez and (the street before Evergreen).. to greet don ramiro. it made her glow. sometimes she woke up

to his light brown eyes in her dreams. staring back at her. “buenos diaz maria” She would even head down the alley

way near Chavez and Mott. behind the guitarra shop. Regardless if that was a busy intersection that would get

her tamales sold at that time in the morning. she would go out back in the alley and make sure her make up

was on right. hair prestine which she sometimes braided just for don Ramiro. but to hell if she was gonna let this

cabron try to sweep her off her feet not like that. this was not how she had imagined this day would come.

Pero Don Ramiro.. what are you going to do with so many pinche tamales and donas. and beside dona flores

down on evergreen y cinncinati wanted two dozen this morning. i can’t sell you all of them.. she was lying so bad her eyes

wandered insatiably.

this infuriated don ramiro. i have 8 .. no 20 compadres coming over for breakfast and i need tamales and donas. and every

body knows you have the best tamales in this barrio. don ramiro had not had any compadres come over to the house

ever since he stopped drinking the first time he saw maria. he was lying so bad. she could see right through his trembling


all the while anamaria smiling. with her dollar out. watching the whole interaction. so silly love is. but sooooooooooo passionate

and juicy she thought. as she watched the two squabble over. their love. that was now bursting. w

all the while having no clue of the waters that were pouring over the gold line. or the zombie french fried vatos and homegirls that

were about to take over east l.a.



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