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black birds gathered on the barrio sidewalk. first and soto. the curbside

littered with them. the goldline had been filled with the waters coming

from long beach. the waters were not high enough to fill the street corner.

but they had begun to rise. the gawking black birds filled the corner.

as people began to pack their bags. who would have thought that this

would create the max exodus so many had been craving for years.

no more need for yelling out .. “go back to mexico, wetback” because

not only were the mejicanos leaving. but all the hipsters. chipsters. government

officials. ice. everyone. but there were those staying behind. some shouting

on the street corner. “jesus is the only one who can save you!” “mexica

tiahui.. our time has come. people of the seventh sun rise! with ometeotl!

rise with tonatiuh. We will not be hurt as long as we believe!” all the while

so many scramming the hell out of the barrio. the first street art district

barely beginning to flourish. all them folks sadden by this pinche reality.

bust. dang. all their plans washing away. in el terror de la realidad que estaba

pasando. there were those leaving crying. yelling for their grandmothers.

others laughing while their eyes watered in tears. some crazy enough headed

towards arizona despite what they were gonna face over there. others wild

enough. started building makeshift boats, barcos to head towards hawaii.

they had no clue where they were heading but they figured this was there

shot at that unpaid vacation. some pobre gringos were sadded that their

gentrified oasis was getting washed away. they didn’t know what they were

going to do next. others prepared as prepared can be. hit the extra hydralic

switch on their lowriders that turned their impala into a hover boat. they

tried to catch as many humans as they could. as some in the crazed madness.

of the cityscape began to get zombiefied. but unlike the peliculas. all these

zombies really wanted to do was head towards the mcdonald’s. their craved

instincts turned them inside out. these hollywood zombies had it in their mind

that mickey deez french fries could preserve them past any holocaust. others

turned to the roaches. and began to pray to the roaches. to teach them.

“por favor cuckaracha!! save me!! teach me how to survive all of this i beg you”

a whole cult of cuckaracha altar began to emerge. they took out their crosses.

and put in place. make shift spaces para las cockroaches to come. in all the

madness.. mr ramirez the highschool english teacher began to convert those

that wanted to be free. for years he had been teaching the bible as literature.

calling it the greatest novel ever written. but at this juncture. he crawled to his

knees. and began to apologies to jesus. to all the writers of this massive text.

he denounced the english language. began speaking in tongues. at times

it was hebrew. at other moments arabic. at other moments latin. at other moments

simple spewing out random root words. hahuatl… but ofcourse his dominant tongue was

the most advanced and civilized futurized spanglish ever imaginable. it was pure

water and fire all at onc.e puro olllin. salva trucha salvesen its tiempo to ir nos

pasando la marketanismo y fuera. con la mentiratl! ometeotl que vivatl zapatl!!

all the while. in the madness. ramiro, seven years old sat a top.. soto and chavez. not running.

just shedding tears. for all his gente. he watched a top the king taco rooftop.

at the other end. at top the payless shoe source building. some vatos lokos

had taken over the building and were arming their uzis. all their military warfare

arms they had been tradingdrugs for years with the first police department.

ramiro didn’t worry about the bullets flying. as he had been praying for generations

before he entered this body. he simply sat there. crying. surround by a blue

and red halo of light.  that surrounded his whole being. and with every tear shed.

the sphere of light that surrounded his being growing. xotchil jaguar who was watching

ramiro from the other corner carrying her bee bee gun. all the while shooting the mickey

deez fries zombies in the back of the head. the mickey deez zombies would simply

scratch their heads every time they felt a bullet. they paused. and continued on their

way towards the mc donalds destination. some zombies run over by abuelas with

shopping carts as their only protection. slamming the harmless fry zombies. xotchitl

jaguar finally realized that anything inside that blue and red sphere was untouchable.

all the while. ramiro. crying for the people. and remembering all the times he had been

on tonantzin. millions of generations . back. llorando. crying. y ayudando la gente. helping